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Flap meat

Flap meat

Flap meat is a great cut of beef. It is part of the belly, more specifically the inner oblique muscle, also known as top sirloin. It resembles flank steak (which also comes from the belly), but it’s slightly less fibrous and with a little more marbling.

Beef baby back ribs

Beef baby back ribs

These are the bovine version of baby back ribs. They’re short and thin, but come loaded with flavor.



Funny name, great steak. I think that pretty much summarizes this bovine cut of meat.

Beef Tenderloin

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin, such a classic! Time to cook it on a grill, almost easier than the indoor kitchen.

Grilled Cote de Boeuf

Grilled Cote de Boeuf

Cote de Boeuf is a top quality meat cut and it is easy to cook. Time to give it a try!

Topside Beef with black pepper

Topside beef with black pepper

Cook topside beef with ground black pepper using indirect heat. Serve high quality meat sliced thin. Yum!

Smoked brisket

The Brisket Guide

Here’s a step by step guide for how to succeed with brisket. It’s a complex cut of meat, that takes a few tries to master.

Homemade beef sausages

Homemade beef sausage

Here’s how to make your own homemade sausages. The choice of meat and spices can vary wildly, but these instructions will get you started so you can experiment with flavors on your own.

Eye of Round

Brined and smoked eye of round

The eye of round when brined and smoked is great either as a dinner meal, or thinly sliced on a sandwich.