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Smoked Italian Meatballs

Smoked Italian Meatballs

Italian meatballs are just great on the grill! We smoke them first, before simmering in tomato sauce with grated parmesan on top. Seriously good stuff.

Deer blade steak

Deer blade steak

Let’s try something new and slightly different: deer blade steak with an oriental flavor profile using lemon and coriander.

Deer fatty with bacon

BBQ Deer fatty with bacon

Yet another fatty, but always with bacon. You can’t make them too often.

Bolognese on roe deer and smoked bacon

Bolognese sauce on roe deer and smoked bacon

Adding a new twist to the Bolognese sauce by using minced deer and throwing in smoked bacon.

BBQ deer fatty

BBQ Deer Fatty

Here’s a classic fatty, but this time made from ground deer, as it works just as well.

Deer roast

Grilled deer roast with coffee rub

Time to challenge yourself a bit, add ground coffee to the rub. Delicious.

Smoked deer roast

Smoked deer roast (inside round)

Another dish that definitely holds its own. The inside round is so tender and flavorful, you don’t need to add any spices except salt and pepper.

Pecan smoked wild boar

Pecan smoked wild boar with juniper berries

Wildboar and juniper is a great, and simple, combo. We’re smoking the ham with pecan wood. Do serve it with a creamy sauce for balance.