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Smoked and grilled duck breast

Duck breasts with lemon curd

In this recipe the duck breasts are first smoked and then grilled, using a lemon curd glaze. Fingerlickin’ good!

Duck breast

Oven roasted duck breasts

Learn how to cook duck breasts in the oven, to produce succulent duck with great flavor.

Jamaican Sticky Drumsticks

Sticky Jamaican chicken drumsticks

Here’s a great dish to make before the guests arrive. Sticky, full of flavor, and just fingerlickin’ good.


The Poultry guide

Your guide to succeeding with birds on the barbecue. Learn how to best cook chicken breasts, whole chicken, duck and turkey.

BBQ buttered turkey

BBQ buttered turkey

Turkey is great for the grill, as long as you have a big enough grill. We inject it with liquid butter for flavor.

Chocolate and chili glazed chicken

Grilled chicken with chocolate and chili glaze

Try chicken with chili and chocolate, it really adds flavor and heat to that white meat.

Smoked lemon and cinnamon chicken

Smoked lemon and cinnamon chicken

These flavors are a divine combination. Chicken, just like pork, goes very well with citrus flavors.