Man has smoked seafood for thousands of years. It is a great preservation method, and it tastes great!

Fish with high fat content

Fish that have high fat content takes very well to smoking. Examples would be salmon, eel and  mackerel. Smoke them at 250° F. You can either smoke the whole fish, or individual pieces. When possible, leave the skin on, and smoke the fish with the skin side down.

Fish with low fat content

If you have fish like trout or perch, give them a light smoke. The same temperature applies as when smoking fish with high fat content. This type of fish benefits with some melted butter when served.


Shrimp and crayfish works really well, but requires a very short time on the grate. Smoke at 210° F. Smoke shrimp 15-20 minutes, assuming they’re frozen. You leave the shell on while smoking. Crayfish and crab usually come precooked, but just like shrimp, they just require warming up. They will absorb smoke during the warm-up period. Lobster and crab takes less well to smoking unless you cut them in half first. The shell is a bit too thick for smoke to penetrate.