Vegetables are a great match for any grill. Fresh, colorful and healthy. Some veggies take longer than others, and others yet need colorful monitoring, so as to not overcook them.

Overall I like to grill them on medium heat, not higher. You want to develop their full flavor and avoid burning the surface before their cooked properly.

Broccoli, cauli flower and corn on the cob are great for grilling. All three require a little time though, since they are “hard”, so be sure and put them on first.

Use the smoke flavor, Obi wan

Just because veggies aren’t meat doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from the smoke flavor. Try this:

  • Place a few tomatoes on the grill, smoke them for 30 minutes and the use them in a tomato soup.
  • Cut an aubergine in two (lengthwise), smoke it for 30 minutes, give it a good char. Mix it with some cilantro and serve with honey yoghurt.

Most vegetables become sweeter when grilled, which is something to take advantage of. Tomatoes, bell peppers and fruits like nectarines, peach and pineapple are made for grilling. They become sweet and succulent. Give cloves of apple a quick sear on high heat, and mix in a salad.


I have two ways of grilling corn:

  1. Grill the whole cob, with leaves and all over direct heat. The leaves lock in the moisture. The leaves will turn black and the outer ones will burn away, but just peel them off and enjoy moist and great tasting corn.
  2. Peel the corn and brush with melted butter every 5 minutes until done.

As for fruit: they are a great in salads, and as a side dish. Place a few nectarines and bell peppers on the grill for 20-30 minutes, then remove them, slice up and make a nice dish.

Mushrooms must not be forgotten. They do contain a lot of fluid, most of which will vaporize when cooked, so don’t cook them on too high heat.