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Henrik "Hank" Oscarsson
Henrik “Hank” Oscarsson

Hi, my name is Henrik. My High School nickname was Hank. I went to High School in Iola, Kansas. That was way back, but that is where the name of the site comes from. Hank’s True BBQ. For me it means doing it the right way, not cheating the process. Usually good barbecue takes a long time, but in my opinion it is well worth the wait.

I tried real Texas barbecue many years ago, and was truly amazed, as well as intrigued. How to you get such tasty, succulent results out of (relatively) cheap cuts of meat, after such a long time in the smoker? How do you create a proper sweet sticky barbecue sauce? I realized I just have to get to the bottom of this. Leave no stone unturned. In 2013 I even took 5  months off work to do nothing but barbecue. Now I know the ins and outs. Later, I started building this web site to share my experiences. I take all photos and write everything in both English and Swedish. Quite a job, I hope you like what you see.

The book

In 2017 I released my book Barbecue, Fire and Smoke, and it adds way more depth to the subject of barbecue and grilling. I’m really proud of it, and it is available in Swedish and English. Get your copy now!

I was also, as the first non-American ever, a moderator for AmazingRibs.com and the Pitmaster Club (discussion forum) from 2017 to 2019.

Except for all the articles explaining the basics here are also many recipes, for your grill as well as indoor kitchen.

If you wonder about details in a recipe, have any questions, feedback or want to discuss ingredients? Use the contact form below to get in touch.

4 thoughts on “About Hank’s”

  1. Matty Richardson

    Hello there

    I’m wonder if you can put my kind at ease (or possibly worry me even more ha)

    I’m building an offset smoker, it’s my first one and got a bunch of materials for free. So… my cook chamber is approx 900mm in length and approx 580mm in diameter. I’ve welded up a fire box with the following dimensions – 300mm(L)x300mm(W)x500mm(H). Will this size fire box be sufficient? I’ve also fitted my stack approx mid way up the opposite side (just above grate level) and it’s approx 800mm in height, will this be sufficient?

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hi Hank
    Is it possible you to provide deflector that you use for PK grill for cooking brisket? length X width and thickness of the plate?

    1. Hi Kevin!

      I don’t have the exact measurements, I just cut it out by hand with a 2″ air gap all around. Get a tape measure and go out and measure the inside of your grill, that’s my best advice.

      Cheers, Henrik

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