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Lemon Pepper Lamb Roast

Lemon Pepper Lamb Roast

Lemon pepper lamb roast is a fresh option to traditional Easter style lamb dishes. We’re smoking it on the grill and serve it in thin slices with a tasty Hollandaise sauce.

Smoked lamb burger with bacon stuffing

Smoked Lamb Burger with Bacon Stuffing

Barbecue smoked lamb burgers stuffed with bacon. We are making a bonafide burger, packed with flavors. In addition to the smoke there are a layer upon layer of flavor. A must try!

Lamb racks with basil dip

Lamb racks with basil dip

Here’s grilled lamb racks, caramelized with honey and paired with a tangy basilika dip. Tasty!

Leg of lamb

Leg of lamb on the grill

Grilled leg of lamb is always a treat. Leg of lamb means the whole upper hind leg, and it needs time to become succulent and tasty. This lamb is double glazed with honey.

Lamb Racks

Lamb racks with lime and basil

If you read recipes for lamb racks they all have rosemary and thyme. Let’s try something different that goes great with lamb meat.

Lamb stew

Hearty lamb stew

Here’s a hearty autumn stew made with lamb, freshly flavored with fig jelly, lemons and apples. Leave it to simmer for a few hours, then dig in!

Smoked Leg Of Lamb

Smoked Leg of lamb

Leg of lamb on the BBQ is a great way to cook your Easter dinner. As always, make sure you get good quality lamb, it really pays off. It is flavored using rosemary, lemon, garlic and honey, and the juices are collected in a pan so we can make a wonderful sauce.