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Custom Grill Grates

Custom Grill Grates for the Big Green Egg

Time to manufacture custom grill grates for better searing. Here’s how I did.

Barbecue sauce in 2 minutes

Barbecue sauce in 2 minutes

Yep, sometimes you realize the last barbecue sauce was eaten yesterday, and now the store is closed. Well, here’s how to make a barbecue sauce in 2 minutes.

Christmas ham

Smoked Christmas ham with golden syrup glaze

Why not cook your Christmas ham on the grill this year? It is just as easy, but adds that extra smoke flavor. Calculate roughly 45 minutes per pound. I normally apply a crust mix at

Roasted chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are easily done on a grill. They add great flavor in salads, or you can eat them directly as snacks.

Pork butt with glögg

Pork butt with ‘glögg’

Pork butt with ‘glögg’ (mulled wine)? What? Can it be done? Yes of course. The combination is great, with lots of flavor and a little sweetness. Try it for yourself.

Grilled fennel

Butter Baked Fennel

Butter baked fennel is a great way to cook it. The fire turns its flavor soft and sweet.

Grilled Iberico Racks

Grilled Iberico Racks

Iberico Racks, of Bellota quality, getting grilled on my Big Green Egg. We flavor them with salt, ground cumin and dried tarragon. Yum!

Smoked Italian Meatballs

Smoked Italian Meatballs

Italian meatballs are just great on the grill! We smoke them first, before simmering in tomato sauce with grated parmesan on top. Seriously good stuff.

Flap meat

Flap meat

Flap meat is a great cut of beef. It is part of the belly, more specifically the inner oblique muscle, also known as top sirloin. It resembles flank steak (which also comes from the belly), but it’s slightly less fibrous and with a little more marbling.