Recipes and information related to cooking and grilling seafood.


Oysters on the grill

Oysters are strange creatures, with their hard, rocky shell and shiny white interior. Oysters live in salt water. They are often eaten raw, or with lemon or a vinaigrette. We’re gonna do the same when grilling them. They’re not my favorite when raw, but cooked on a grill makes it a different matter.

Tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp

You buy tiger shrimp frozen from your local grocery store. They are available both raw as well as cooked. Buy the raw ones, they are easily identifiable by their gray color. Here we serve them with a nice lemon and oil mix that go great together with avocado.

Pike Perch

Pike Perch fried in butter

For those that aren’t too familiar with eating fish, Pike Perch is a great “starter” fish. It’s white meat, easy to cook, and reasonably priced. You buy filets at your local fish monger, and cook them in no time. This time we fry it in plenty of butter.

Lobster rolls

Lobster rolls

How can you not love lobster rolls? To me it is a bit of a heathen dish, chopping up lobster to serve in a hot dog bun. But it tastes great, though, and is somewhat of an American classic. Here’s how to make it.