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Hand crafted blends to take your flavors to the next level. Scroll down to read more on how to make them. Whatever you’re grilling or smoking, we’ve got you covered.

Hank’s Bonafide Beef Rub

Here’s a unique blend that rests on a solid base of coarse ground black pepper, ground cumin, paprika powder and salt. But what makes this rub stand out is not just the relatively low salt content, but the fact that it contains shitaake powder.

Hank's Bonafide Beef Rub
Hank’s Bonafide Beef Rub
IngredientSmall batch (1.4 bottles)Large batch (14 bottles)
Coarse ground black pepper16 tbsp16 dl
Paprika powder8 tbsp8 dl
Brown sugar8 tbsp8 dl
Cumin4 tbsp4 dl
Salt6 tbsp6 dl
Garlic powder2 tbsp2 dl
Shiitake powder4 tbsp4 dl

Hank’s KC Royale Pork & Poultry Rub

This is a traditional pork rub that stands out from the crowd. Pork loves citrus, and that’s why this porkalicious rub is based on lemon pepper.

IngredientSmall batch (2 bottles)Large batch (20 bottles)
Lemon pepper10 tbsp10 dl
Paprika powder3 tbsp3 dl
Brown sugar28 tbsp (4.1 dl)28 dl
Salt9 tbsp9 dl
Mustard powder4 tbsp4 dl
Garlic powder4 tbsp4 dl
Chipotle chili2 tbsp2 dl
Hank's KC Royale Rub
Hank’s KC Royale Rub

Hank’s Signature Steak Rub

Here’s one for all you steak lovers! This rub really puts a capital F in Flavor. Use it for cuts like tri tip, picamha, beef ribs and the likes.

Hank's Signature Steak Rub
Hank’s Signature Steak Rub
IngredientSmall batch (1.2 bottles)Large batch (12 bottles)
Coarse ground black pepper8 tbsp8 dl
Coffee (ground)6 tbsp6 dl
Brown sugar9 tbsp9 dl
Thyme3 tbsp3 dl
Salt5 tbsp5 dl
Chipotle chili3 tbsp3 dl
Mustard powder3 tbsp3 dl
Cocoa powder4 tbsp4 dl

Hank’s Fish Bait Rub

Here’s a rub for all you fish afficionados! Herbacious with a strong lime character, goes with most fish as well as chicken.

IngredientSmall batch (2 bottles)Large batch (19 bottles)
Lime pepper (mix)36 tbsp (5.3 dl)36 dl
Paprika powder6 tbsp6 dl
Oregano12 tbsp12 dl
Fennel powder12 tbsp12 dl
Caster sugar12 tbsp12 dl
Hank's Fish Bait Rub
Hank’s Fish Bait Rub

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