Lamb roast infused with garlic and dill
Featured Lamb roast with dill and garlic

BBQ Techniques

Getting started with barbecue? This is what you need to know.

Caveman grilling

Caveman Grilling

Caveman grilling, or caveman style grilling, is a grilling techique where you work directly with the fire and the glowing embers.

/ November 1, 2019


Are you curious about the different ways of grilling in South America? Here's a walkthrough of what a Parrilla is and how to use it.

/ August 2, 2019


Bark is the brown/black crust that forms on meat thanks to the Maillard effect among other things. Do not confuse bark with the charred surface...

/ August 30, 2017
BBQ 101

BBQ 101

So, you want to get started with proper barbecue? Fantastic! Here's a primer on what you need to know (and get) to get a good...

/ May 23, 2016