What you get

Are you as excited and passionate about barbecue as I am? Then it’s time to take a closer look at real, well-built offset smokers, made for the backyard enthusiast. They are designed fully inline with my offset smoker manifesto, and they are very robust and have plenty of capacity. Every detail in the construction has been revised to offer top notch offset smokers that, with you as pit master, will put out incredible meals.

Working Height

Getting the smoker up to proper working height may seem like a small thing, but in the long run it makes a big difference.

Hank’s True Smokers™ are built for the modern man, meaning it’s first shelf or rack is at the same height as a modern kitchen counter.

Hank's True Smokers™
Hank's True Smokers™ - large capacity


Even though this smoker is labeled ‘backyard size’, it sure has plenty of capacity.

With two large slideout racks you can load this smoker up with 4 briskets, or 8 slabs of pork ribs, or 12 pork butts. That’s a lot of food for a lot of people, so you’re set for the summer.


Any well-designed smoker needs to ‘breathe’ properly. The smoke stack as well as the collector has been designed with that in mind.

A good draught helps pull fresh air through the firebox for a clean burn.

What that means in layman’s terms is that this smoker will get you that thin blue smoke, which is a guarantee for great tasting food. No more over smoked food that’s tough on the palate.

Hank's True Smokers™ - thermometer slit

Hank’s True Smokers™ don’t have any vents anywhere. Instead they’re built on the Free Flow principle. If you want to run a hotter fire, simply add more logs. If you want to bring temp down, leave it for a while and then add thinner logs less often.

Hank's True Smokers™ - Firebox

Models Available

There’s currently one model available, made for the backyard enthusiast looking for an honest, very well built offset smoker. It will be your companion for years to come.

Normal Flow Offset Smoker

This is a true classic. A straight flow smoker, built to deliver. There is no vent on the fire box, and it has a fat stack. This ensures a clean burning fire that’s gonna improve the flavor of the food you’re cooking. You can buy it here.

Hank's True Smokers™


  • Two slide-out racks, 20x 36″ cooking area
  • Industry norm water pan (restaurant pan, stainless)
  • A convenient slit by the smoke stack for entering multiple thermometer probes
  • Super tight fit for both doors. Wooden handles for look and feel
  • Offloading shelf for wood/thermometers/et.c.
  • Fireproof bricks as ‘floor’ in the firebox for heat retention as well as extending the (already long) lifetime of the smoker
  • 5 inch caster wheels in the back, 5 inch swivel casters (lockable) in the front.
  • Removable smoke stack
  • No firebox vent, but instead the firebox door can be positioned in fixed 1/2 inch incfements for free air flow.
Hank's True Smokers™ - Firebox
Hank's True Smokers™ - thermometer
Hank's True Smokers™ - from the rear
Hank's True Smokers™ - Firebox Door