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Barbecue Recipes

Here you will find a ton of recipes. Looking for a particular category? Jump directly to pork, beef, vegetarian or seafood, to name a few.

Oyster Steak

Oyster Steak

Oyster steak is also known as Spider steak or Arañita. It’s a small tender delicacy best grilled hot and fast.

Beer Cheese Dip

Beer Cheese Dip

Cheese comes in many shapes and forms, and is ever so tasty. But getting it to melt to a creamy smooth sauce is hard. Until now. Here’s the secret trick.

Smoked Veal Cold Cuts

Smoked Veal Cold Cuts

We’re smoking a veal roast in an offset smoker. Let it cool, slice it and enjoy some incredibly juicy and flavorful cold cuts.

Potato Gratin

Potato Gratin

A rich, creamy potato gratin is so tasty, and goes well with most meats. Here’s how to make it.



Ceviche is a wonderful dish that is easy to make, consisting of lime-marinated fish. It has a lovely citrus freshness and can be made with various types of fish.

Caveman grilled Skrei, or Cod

Caveman grilled Skrei or Cod

Skrei, which is a delicate type of Cod, is very well suited to caveman grilling by wrapping in a flavorful package. Here’s how.

Chargrilled Butternut

Chargrilled Butternut pumpkin

Here’s a tasty dish were we combine chargrilled butternut with salty, tangy and sweet. A perfect sharing platter.

Featured Content

We’ve got some good stuff for you. Learn new techniques, check out DIY builds, different ways of flavoring foods.

Caveman Grilling

Caveman grilling, or caveman style grilling, is a grilling techique where you work directly with the fire and the glowing embers.


Are you curious about the different ways of grilling in South America? Here’s a walkthrough of what a Parrilla is and how to use it.

How to Dry Age Meat at Home

Learn how to dry age meat at home with dry age bags. What are the different ways of aging meat, and what are the gotchas? Read on to learn all the details.

Hank’s True Smokers™

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