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Hank's Fish Bait Rub

Hank’s Fish Bait Rub

Here’s a rub for all you seafood lovers! This is a rub that works with most types of fish. It’s tangy freshness from lime pepper is nicely complemented by the herbs in it. Do give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Hank's KC Royale Rub

Hank’s KC Royale Rub

This is a handmade rub that stands out from the crowd. Many commercial pork rubs contain a lot of sugar. Sugar goes well with pork, but in moderate amounts. This rub uses moderate amounts, but puts a new spin on it by pairing it with lemon pepper.

Hank's Bonafide Beef Rub

Hank’s Bonafide Beef Rub

here are many beef rubs called, but few are chosen. Chosen to deliver that is. Here’s a rub with precision and finesse, suitable for both competition and the outdoor kitchen. Black pepper provides a solid backbone in this rub, cumin adds a fresh tang. The shiitake powder boosts the meat’s own umami flavor to the next level.

Hank's Signature Steak Rub

Hank’s Signature Steak Rub

The Signature rub’s flavor profile rests firmly on three pillars: coffee, cocoa and chipotle chili. The earthy tones of coffee and cocoa together with the smoked chili heat is a great match for most meats. This rub produces a dark brown crust with great flavor. Enjoy it on various foods!