Flank steak is a great cut, and very well priced. It has loads of flavor, and it takes very little time to grill. The flank steak comes from the cow’s belly and contains a lot of muscle fibers. The trick to cook it is to use very high heat, for a short period of time, and let it rest after.

Servings 4
Cook Time 10 minutes
Start the grill 30 minutes


  • 1 flank steak (approx. 2.6 lbs)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • black pepper (to taste)


  • Dry brine the steak overnight in the fridge for maximum flavor. When the steaks are raw, it is very easy to see the direction of the muscle fibers. See the pictures below. But when it is cooked it is a bit harder. To solve this problem you can just place a small toothpick at one end of the steak, pointing it in the same direction as the fibers. When the steak is done, just cut at a 90° angle to the toothpick, and you’re good.
    Flank steak, see the muscle fiber direction
  • Fire up your grill, configuring it for high direct heat. The flank steak is grilled on both sides for a very short time, as it doesn’t turn out great if you cook it well done. The steaks’ inner temperature should never go above 54° C / 129° F, otherwise it will be very chewy.
    High direct heat
  • When the grill is burning hot, it is time to place the steak on the grate. Give it a good sear, then flip it and sear the other side also. Then flip it two more times. You sear it twice on each side, flipping often cooks it faster. It only takes minutes to sear a flank steak.
    Flank steak after first sear
  • Remove it from the grill and let it rest a couple of minutes, allowing the juices to redistribute evenly. This a great opportunity to use a board sauce/resting butter if you feel like it. Add salt and pepper to taste, cut across the grain, and enjoy!
  • I served this with potato gratin and fresh green asparagus.