Here’s a really nice vegetarian starter or side dish with good flavors.

Servings 6 people
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes


  • 6 portabello mushrooms
  • 9 tbsp red pesto
  • 4.5 oz mozarella
  • 3 tbsp pine kernels
  • 2.5 oz rocket salad
  • salt to taste


  • Start by removing the stems from the portabello. Brush off any dirt. Place the mushrooms gill side up. Add 1 tablespoon of red pesto in each, distribute it evenly. From the center out to the edge. Now place a pencil-thick slice or two of mozarella in each. Sprinkle some salt on top, and the pine kernels.
  • Grilling the portabello mushrooms is easy. I usually run my grill at 200° C / 400° F, with the lid on. Simply place the mushrooms on the indirect side and close the lid. Leave them for 10-15 minutes. Don't flip, keep the gill side up at all times.
  • When the mushrooms are done (the cheese should melt a little), place them on a serving tray/platter with rocket salad and serve immediately.