Secreto Iberico

Secreto Iberico

The Iberico pig is well known for it’s meat quality. Iberico pork has lots of flavor and is generally well marbled, full of flavor. Iberico refers to the Iberian peninsula, meaning Spain and Portugal. The pig is most noticeable for its black hooves. When buying Iberico meat there are three grades to choose from (lowest to highest): Cebo, Recebo, Bellota. The pigs’ diet has a lot to do with it. Bellota means acorn, and Bellota pigs get the most amount of acorns in their diet. Iberico pork flavor is rich and fatty, appreciated by many, me included.

There are three Iberico meat cuts that stand out. They are available on all porcine creatures, but not always cut out and sold. Butchering is to a large extent a cultural thing. The different cuts are Secreto, Pluma and Presa.

Secreto Iberico
Secreto Iberico

Secreto Iberico, or the pig’s secret, is a marvelous cut. It is located by the shoulder blade, almost hidden, as the name implies (Secreto => secret). It is well marbled and very juicy and tender.

It is a small cut of meat, it typically weighs 10-15 oz and is 1/2 inch thick, so it cooks quickly. We’re making sandwiches with this one, stuffed with cilantro and sliced peaches, such a fresh combo.

Servings 2
Cook Time 10 minutes
Start the grill 30 minutes


  • 10 oz Secreto Iberico
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • black pepper (to taste)
  • 1 peach
  • 0.5 bunch cilatnro
  • 0.5 baguette/pain riche


  • The pig’s secret is grilled hot and fast, and it only needs a bit of salt and black pepper. It only needs one minute on each side, then let it rest a few minutes before slicing it.
  • Apply the salt evenly on the meat. Fire up your grill, get it hot and ready for some searing action.
    Hot direct heat
  • When you have a good fire going, with no flames, place the meat on the grates and close the lid. Wait one minute, then open the lid and flip the meat. Put the lid back on and wait another minute. You want the meat temperature to be 140° F.
    Secreto Iberico on the grill
  • Remove it from the grates and apply black pepper to taste. Let it rest a few minutes, then slice it in thin slices and enjoy.
    Secreto Iberico sliced
  • Secreto Iberico sandwich

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