Grilled Duck Breasts

Grilled duck breasts with endives

Duck breasts are grilled fast, and their full-flavored meat is a great match for Hank’s Signature Seasoning. We’re grilling some endives also, they lend themselves well to open fire cooking.

Servings 3 people
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Starta grillen 30 minutes



  • The duck breasts don’t need prepping, just pat them dry with a paper
    towel. Apply an even layer of rub on both sides, and leave them on a
    plate in the fridge overnight.
    Duck Breasts with Rub applied
  • When grilling duck the same rules apply as for other poultry. We grill at a higher temperature to get crispier skin.
  • Fire up your grill, prepare it for indirect grilling. Have it running at 320° – 340° F. Use the snake method if you’re using a kettle grill, or even better, a Slow ‘N Sear. Place the meat on the indirect side and close the lid. Add some wood chunks for smoking on the glowing embers.
  • The duck breasts are done when their internal temp is 140-144° F (60-62°
    C). Do NOT let them go higher than that. If you do, they turn chewy.
    Use a good digital thermometer to check. Remove them and let them rest for 5 minutes before serving. When serving, cut thin slices across for a nice presentation.
  • While the duck breasts are resting, cut the endives in halves
    lengthwise. Apply a liberal amount of olive oil and grill them over high
    direct heat for 1 minute per side.
    Sliced endives
  • Move from grill to plate immediately and sprinkle with flaked sea salt. Add a table spoon of lingon berries and enjoy.

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