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Learn how to cook various meats and greens on your grill.

Smoked brisket

The Brisket Guide

Here’s a step by step guide for how to succeed with brisket. It’s a complex cut of meat, that takes a few tries to master.


The Vegetable guide

Vegetables take well to grilling, and some of them can be smoked. Read on for details.


The Seafood guide

Tips and tricks to succeed with fish on the grill, whether it is fat or lean, as well as shellfish and mussels.


The Poultry guide

Your guide to succeeding with birds on the barbecue. Learn how to best cook chicken breasts, whole chicken, duck and turkey.

The Steak manual

The Steak Guide

Mastering the steak; learn how to cook it the right way.

BBQ Ribs

The Ribs Guide

Here’s a step by step guide to succeed with ribs. It’s rather simple, once you know how, but don’t skip any steps or you’ll regret it.