Ribs in all shapes and sizes. Lots of recipes and variants to try out!

Aaron Franklin Style Ribs

Franklin Style Ribs

Time to try a (by now) classic rib recipe. Aaron Franklin is most known for briskets, but he’s done plenty of ribs too. Here’s the recipe, for you to try out. I like the simplicity of this one, as well as the flavor.

Beef Short Ribs

Flanken Cut Beef Ribs

Flanken Cut Beef Ribs, or Asado de Tira, are often served in South America. They are just like ordinary ribs, but cut across the plate. These are known as Flanken Cut Ribs. They’re a great match for the grill, and a fun alternative to pork ribs.

Beef ribs

Beef ribs

Beef ribs is a really good alternative to pork ribs, which is far more common. Beef ribs have a bit more texture, and of course, a different flavor. You cook them slightly differently from pork ribs, read on to learn how.