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Recipes and information related to cooking and grilling pork.

Christmas ham

Smoked Christmas ham with golden syrup glaze

Why not cook your Christmas ham on the grill this year? It is just as easy, but adds that extra smoke flavor. Calculate roughly 45 minutes per pound. I normally apply a crust mix at

Pork butt with glögg

Pork butt with ‘glögg’

Pork butt with ‘glögg’ (mulled wine)? What? Can it be done? Yes of course. The combination is great, with lots of flavor and a little sweetness. Try it for yourself.

Grilled Iberico Racks

Grilled Iberico Racks

Iberico Racks, of Bellota quality, getting grilled on my Big Green Egg. We flavor them with salt, ground cumin and dried tarragon. Yum!

Pork belly burnt ends

Pork belly burnt ends

Pork belly burnt ends taste salty, fat and sweet. It’s a dangerous combination, and it’s hard to stop eating. Here we braise them in bourbon and glaze them with dark golden syrup. Divine!

Secreto Iberico

Secreto Iberico

Secreto Iberico, or the pig’s secret, is a marvelous cut. Here’s how to cook it.

Cherry smoked Falukorv

Cherry smoked Falukorv

Try a fun twist on a Swedish classic: cherry smoked falukorv. It gets a nice flavor from the cherry wood, and a maple syrup glazing at the end.

Pork belly

Oven Roasted Pork belly

Learn how to roast pork belly in the oven. It’s a great way to cook pork, as it needs time on low heat.

Rib roast

Cherry smoked rib roast

Make a rib roast on the grill, smoke it with cherry wood, and you’re in heaven.

BBQ Ribs

The Ribs Guide

Here’s a step by step guide to succeed with ribs. It’s rather simple, once you know how, but don’t skip any steps or you’ll regret it.