All kinds of sauce recipes to go with various dishes.

Sweet hickory BBQ sauce

Sweet hickory bbq sauce

This is a bbq sauce meant to use for both glazing and as a side dish. If you use it for glazing, add another tablespoon of brown sugar. It has a nice soft sting from the ground ginger and Worchestershire sauce, but it isn’t hot in any way.

Cognac sauce

Cognac sauce

Cognac sauce is a savory classic. It is best served with various meat dishes, and the cognac adds a touch of sweetness and complexity. Feel free to replace the thyme with another spice of your liking.



Chimichurri is a great sauce for different cuts of meat. It originates from South America, where it is used as a complement for different steaks. You make it in less than ten minutes. Make sure you mix it at least 30 minutes before serving, so the flavors are mixed well. It doesn’t keep in the fridge for long, so make only as much as you need.

Porter Beer Sauce

Porter beer sauce

This sauce was created by accident, kind of. I didn’t have any red wine, and had to improvise, so I used beer instead. Sometimes being forced to improvise is a really good thing. This sauce turned out very well. Make sure you use a dark full flavored beer.