Category: Seafood

Recipes and information related to cooking and grilling seafood.


Grilled Seabream

Seabream is a fish similar to bass, with firm white meat and good flavor. We’re simply grilling it here in this recipe.

Tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp

This is a real quick and real fresh way to serve tiger shrimp, with a nice lemon twist.

Pike Perch

Pike Perch fried in butter

Pike perch fried in real butter. Real simple, real good.

Lobster rolls

Lobster rolls

Lobster rolls to me is a bit of a heathen dish. Putting lobster in a hot dog bun? Well, it tastes just great, here’s how to make it.


The Seafood guide

Tips and tricks to succeed with fish on the grill, whether it is fat or lean, as well as shellfish and mussels.

Cod with cauliflower couscous

Cod filét with cauliflower couscous

Get hold of the sirloin cut of the cod, and serve with a cauliflower cous cous with a lemon twist.

Salmon burger

Salmon burger

When in the mood for fish burgers, salmon is your friend. This one goes down well with kids also.

Cod casserole

Fish casserole

This is a weekday classic, when you just want food on the table.

Smoked Mackerel

Smoked mackerel mousse

Mackerel is a fish high in fat, which means it is great for smoking. Mix it up with creme fraiche and mayo, and you get a lovely mousse.